Meet the Board

Board of Directors

Stephen Hiltner (president)

Prior to moving to Princeton in 2003, Steve founded and led the Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association (ECWA) in Durham, NC. With degrees in botany and water quality, Steve has served Princeton in multiple capacities. During his years as the first resource manager for the Friends of Princeton Open Space, he conducted plant inventories and led workdays and nature walks at many of Princeton's parks and nature preserves. He was a longtime member of the Princeton Environmental Commission, spearheading a new Environmental Resource Inventory for the town. As a member of the board for Princeton's Mountain Lakes House, he helped increase energy efficiency and solve runoff issues. More recently, he chaired the Princeton Shade Tree Commission, and has led the effort to save and rehabilitate the Veblen House and Cottage since discovering them during a walk through Herrontown Woods in 2006. A professional jazz musician and amateur actor in the McCarter-based Onstage ensemble, he maintains various blogs on nature, sustainability and climate change, including more than 1000 posts at He is inspired by the broad and deep legacy Oswald Veblen left in Princeton, American academia, and the world. With Victoria Floor (see below), he has been researching and writing about Veblen House and the extraordinary people who have lived there over the past century. Some of that research is published at He has received various awards, including the 2013 Governor's Jefferson Award for his environmental advocacy.

Peregrin (Perry) Jones (vice president)

Recently transplanted to Princeton from California, Perry has always found solace in nature and wild things, and naturally gravitated to the Herrontown Woods. Since getting involved with Friends of Herrontown Woods (FOHW), Perry has been using his background in Information Technology and Project Management, and his woodworking skills, to help FOHW with various projects. Perry is passionate about issues of sustainability, poverty, and bicycling. Perry’s roots are originally in the Midwest, but he grew up in San Luis Obispo, California, just south of the beautiful Big Sur coastal mountain range, in the chapparal biome. Perry worked in the Organic Produce industry for 20 years, doing a variety of things, but most recently directing the Information Technology department for a large farm, Jacobs Farm Del Cabo, in the city of Santa Cruz, CA. Perry is fascinated with the differences between California and New Jersey, and is enjoying exploring those differences.

Ahmed Azmy (treasurer)

A graduate of Univ. of Pennsylvania and Princeton University, Ahmed is a prominent architect in Princeton. Before forming Azmy Architects LLC, Ahmed was the principal architect at HACBM Architects, Engineers and Planners, and CUH2A. Ahmed is also a leader in the Rotary at district and local levels. He brings to the project a passion for rehabilitating Veblen House, and a hands-on approach that complements his expertise in design and planning.

Sally Tazelaar (secretary)

Sally works as an art teacher for East Windsor Regional Schools. Since 2013, she has worked with husband Kurt on weekends and during the summer to clear and mark trails in Herrontown Woods and Autumn Hill Reservation--more than 200 total acres. A volunteer director/producer at Princeton Community Television, Sally has also collaborated with her husband on documentary videos, and maintains the FriendsOfHerrontownWoods facebook page.

Inge Regan (left in photo) is an ER doctor originally trained in family practice. Inge grew up close to the land, on a farm in Pennsylvania, and brings her networking skills and commitment to community to the Veblen project. Apropos to Veblen House, she has assisted with home renovation projects and the construction of a deck at Princeton's Farmview Fields.

Victoria Floor (right in photo) is a lifelong environmentalist concerned with educating the public about the value of protecting species, land, soil, air and water quality--i.e, the planet. She is a writer and educator who taught high school for many years. Now retired, she addresses her efforts to the local community and its resources and concerns, as there is nowhere better to begin change than right here at home. As a former historical archeologist who contributed to living history projects from Plimoth Plantations to The Claude Moore Memorial Farm, she very much enjoys working to preserve heritage sites, such as the Veblen Houses and grounds, as these are an integral part of the history of the environment in which we work and play.