Thursday, December 31, 2020


2020 saw a rapid acceleration of creative work at Herrontown Woods, riding a tide of interest and new visitors displaced from their routines and the indoors by the pandemic. Some key improvements to trails were made. Veblen House received some painting, cleaning, regrading, landscaping, historical researching, and weatherizing. What we now call the Princeton Botanical Art Garden became a focus of volunteer energy, aided by regular workdays. Native plantings are filling in, and now are complemented by structures that are unique in shape and style, and a matrix of pathways that kids love to explore. Families in particular have been grateful for this new destination for discovery and delight, with one parent calling the botanical garden "a lifeline." On the 140th year of his birth, Oswald Veblen's legacy was celebrated by an article in Princeton Magazine and by Princeton University's President Eisgruber in his annual State of the University report.

Please support our work, and join us out at Princeton's first nature preserve.

  • Officially leased Veblen House and Cottage from Princeton. The lease runs for five years, giving FOHW official permission to begin repairs and seek funding. 

  • FOHW volunteers continue to care for 220 acres of public land at Herrontown Woods and Autumn Hill Reservation, including major work after this year's storms.
  • Scenic reroutes of two heavily rutted sections of the Red trail
  • Expansion of trail and major invasive plant removal in 7.5 beautiful acres FOHW had previously gotten added to Herrontown Woods.
  • Collaborated with town to treat massive wisteria clone.
  • Transported hundreds of large stepping stones from nearby development site for repairing muddy stretches of trails
  • A commemorative bench was added along the yellow trail, overlooking the boulder field.
  • Worked to update trail maps on other trail websites


  • Princeton gained a new outdoor destination, as FOHW added major infrastructure this year, including a gazebo and shed saved from demolition, a handmade boardwalk, meditation garden, yurt, mobile, frog pond, "walking tree", labels on dozens of native species, deer cages to protect plantings, picnic bench
  • Sunday morning workdays engaged youth and adults, speeding progress and providing a much needed socially distanced social opportunity
  • Seasonal displays on kiosk about plants
  • Installed rainbarrel on kiosk for watering new plantings

  • 140 years after Oswald Veblen's birth, FOHW utilized Veblen House as an inside-out museum, telling his story in photos and text
  • President Eisgruber featured Oswald Veblen's legacy prominently in Princeton University's annual State of the University letter, describing Veblen as "a faculty member with tremendous vision and constructive energy" who "probably did as much as anyone to reform and improve this University." 
  • Princeton Magazine published an article entitled The Extraordinary Legacy of Oswald Veblen, including information on FOHW's work


  • Two board members helped save a 1755 house on Ewing Street from demolition. The owner then donated to us the gazebo and shed, which we transported to the Botanical Art Garden.
  • Board members visited the extraordinary Clausen Farm in Sharon Springs, NY, as part of research on the Whiton-Stuarts--builders and first owners of Veblen House.
  • A chess board and calendar found long ago in the Veblen Cottage were donated for exhibit in the future Veblen museum. The calendar mentions getting together with Einstein to play chess.

  • Inspected, cleaned and weatherized east wall of Veblen House
  • Two dangerous trees near Veblen House were removed by town. FOHW volunteers turned some of the wood into boards and tables
  • Grading around the house to restore original drainage
  • Cleaning Veblen House interior, including removal of old carpet
  • More hinging and painting of window covers
  • Repaired wellhouse and installed rainbarrel
  • Reestablished addresses for House and Cottage
  • Efforts begun to get electrical hookup for Veblen House
  • More diversion of runoff into raingardens.
  • Maintaining grounds and keeping buildings secure and dry
  • Invasive plant removal with Girlscouts Troop 71837
  • Another year of growth for an edible forest of pawpaws, hazelnuts, butternuts, persimmons and plums.

  • Expanding plant identification signage in the botanical garden
  • Collaborating with Girlscouts Troop 71837 to improve trail map, signage and flower descriptions
  • Ongoing research and website posts about nature, FOHW's activities, and the fascinating history of Veblen House at, and
  • Many students participated in workdays at the botanical garden
  • A Minute of Calm video series posted online


  • Celebrated Oswald and Elizabeth Veblen's birthdays with a socially distanced outdoor jazz party next to Veblen House
  • Hosted a volunteer appreciation jazz party next to Veblen House
  • Hosted a Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad practice rescue in Herrontown Woods

  • New board members and many new volunteers.
  • Another board “retreat” to develop strategic planning

  • Additional progress towards our initial goal of raising $100,000.

Thanks to all who contribute to making these achievements possible.