Sunday, December 20, 2020

A Practice Rescue by Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad

On October 24, the Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad (PFARS) came to Herrontown Woods to conduct an exercise in backwoods rescue. All of this came about through the initiative of Friends of Herrontown Woods board member Inge Regan, who is an emergency room doctor. 

With the Veblen Cottage in the background, PFARS volunteers clambered over rocks and fallen branches, fending off the thorns of multiflora rose as they carried the volunteer victim back to the trail and over to the ambulance. 

We're thankful to PFARS for all they do for Princeton, and for coming to Herrontown Woods to hone their skills under difficult backwoods conditions. Like FOHW, they are a spirited group of mostly volunteers, and though we've been fortunate not to have any accidents in the preserve, it's a great comfort that PFARS is gaining familiarity with our trails and stands ready to help if needed. It was also a pleasure to get to know PFARS leader and soon to be mayor of Princeton, Mark Freda, and introduce him to all we are doing in Princeton's oldest and newest nature preserve.