Saturday, April 22, 2017

Spring Wildflower Walk

Friends of Herrontown Woods will host a nature walk this Sunday, April 23, at 2pm. It's Earthday weekend, which is part of Earth Month, Year, Century, and miscellaneous millennia extending out beyond, towards infinite. Earth takes care of people day in and day out. It would be nice if we did the same in return.

We'll start at the main parking lot off of Snowden Lane, and walk the red and yellow trails past vernal pools and boulder fields, all graced with wildflowers and the babble of brooks this time of year. Then we'll go past the daffodil-strewn Veblen farmstead and over to the Veblen House grounds for refreshments and to check out the recently planted pawpaws and hazelnuts, which are just budding out. All are invited.

The current owner of these and other historic Herrontown Woods buildings, Mercer County, has taken initial steps that, if not countered, would lead to their demolition. They are in fine shape, remind park visitors of Princeton's farming heritage, and serve as gathering places for events. Our nonprofit, the Friends of Herrontown Woods, has submitted a detailed proposal to acquire and maintain these buildings with the same love and commitment we have shown by taking care of Herrontown Woods for four years.

Learn more during the walk, and consider getting involved in this pivotal moment in Herrontown Woods history.